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a lot of the "friends" on my friends'list have been ranting about friends cuts (somehow i've managed to survive some, the others i dont have any bad feelings about em). my feelings on that goes as following:

the reason i started a journal was because i normally write to clear my head. i didn't start one for everyone to continuously comment on my entries or to constantly comment, or to be popular on this site. let's be real how much can you say about my life if you don't actually live it? i'm a single college student so half (if not all) of my entries will be about my frustration with certain classes and school in general. i'm busy as hell but when i do surface, i give good advice or let people know i'm still reading. so what i go days without writing and sometimes i write random things: its my journal!

although the friends on my list that i have clicked with i am seriously grateful that yall decided to stay wit cha girl, but the others who are screaming and hollering about cutting people i will hand you the scissors. because like i said, at the end of the day i started my journal for me and if its too boring for you or if i dont comment enough for your liking you can always do something about it. don't threaten; take action.

Hey livejournal world! I'd like to dedicate my 1st entry to my dearest friend alexis ["lexi-pooh!"]. I'm dedicating this entry to her because she introduced me to this site and she continued to "encourage" me to join this site despite my "no's" [gotta love her right? But I do because she just spent the last three hours creating me a layout and telling me the workings of this strange new world.] But you'll hear more about her later. Ummm here's a quick cheat sheet about me::

I Love
-Lil' Wayne
my ipod "Yung Mula Baby!"
looking at the ceiling [it helps my thought process]
$$$ [who doesn't?]

I Dislike
negative attitudes
-they tend to affect my semi positive one

I'm currently accepting friends.
If you plan to add me, leave a comment first with your name, earth yrs, location, & why you want to add me.
Don't add me if you don't like to hear a person's opinion that's different than yours.♥